NCL-A CLEAR, HD B, ED 0/0 JCh.Ch Titanic – Tito of Eagle Blend Ch. Picasso of Eagle Blend Ch. Milwaukee de Ngorong Ngorong
Ch. Dolly Bell Popstaff
Ch. Cora of Eagle Blend Ch.Brave Heart Bozo
Piruette of Eagle Blend
Nagoya of Eagle Blend Ch. Teenager Tipit Z Hanky Ch. Vabank Tipit Z Hanky
SUCH Eipril Tipit Z Hanky Yankie Spirit’s
Ch. Dolly Bell Popstaff YUCH Backwood’s Sergeant Pepper
Jule of Tower
CH.PL Adelajda Biacca Canossa HD-A, NCL-A CLEAR
MŁ.CH.PL, ML.ZW.PL, CH.PL, INTCH Ordior Antares HD-A, ED-0 NCL-A Clear CH.PL.EST.UK.PL.BY.RUS Isaac Richard CH.USA Woodforest ez Eagle Scream
Aster Gerra
CH.PL Cinderella Gang-Staff INT.MULTI.CH Gang-Staff Big Tex
Angelface-Dax Sui Generis
Etna Atillo HD-B, ATAXIA- CLEAR Brest z Pust-ki Marcusa CH.ZW.BIS.3xCACIB Sasquehanna Obibok
Żawa Delansel
Al Tair z Ziemii Przemyskiej INTCH, CH.PL, CH-PORT-E, MŁ.ZwŚw’96 Red Bull Del Ngorong Ngorong
Ismena Asocjacja

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