Canossa FCI, American Staffordshire Terier


19 October 2011

New Generation of American Staffordshire Terrier from Canossa Kennel!
From left to youngest female: ELUPITA RAMOSS Canossa (Int & MultiCh.ARMIS EAGLE on Shining Field BLEND x Ch.ADELJADA BIACCA Canossa)
Female:Jr.Ch.Pl, Ch.PL.CASSIOPEIAFOR PROZAK Canossa (HJCh, HCH, HSCh.Hörcsögfalvi Locomotive x Ch.ADELAJDA BIACCA Canossa)
Male:DREAMS TRUE CONE PROZAK Canossa (IntCh.ANTARES Ordior x INA Atillo)


16 October 2011

National dog show in Częstochowa,
Female from my Kennel,- JCh.PL.CASSIOPEIA FOR PROZAK Canossa
From combination:(Ch.ADELAJDA BIACCA Canossa x Ch.Hörcsögfalvi Locomotive),
presented in open class,received place 1st,CAC.BOS.BOB.res.BOG, in the interval just seven months!

Congratulation for owner,- Malgorzata
In Champion Class, female:Ch.BACK TO MY DREAMS Canossa,exc,place 2nd.

18 September 2011

Ch.PL.ADELAJDA BIACCA Canossa in advanced pregnancy, the puppies are expected in October 2011,

Welcome to the reservation of puppies.

11 September 2011

Dog show Club type Bull Terrier "II ALEC WATERS MEMORIAL"
Dogs with kennel Canossa, presented very well:
The youngest generation, puppies: male, DREAMS COME TRUE PROZAK Canossa, place 2nd,
Puppy femele, 1st place, Best Puppy in Breed, BIS Puppy II. "Nomination for the Best Move".
In the open class, BEAUTIFUL GIRL Canossa, excellent,
and JChPL.CASSIOPEIA FOR PROZAK Canossa, the assessment also excellent, 3/10bitches.
Champion Class, IntCh.BORN TO BE HAPPY Canossa,
excellent, 1st place CAC, BOS, Club Winner TTB 2011', and a nomination for "Best head in Breed ".
INA Atillo Veterans class, excellent, place 1 / 2,
and Title: Best female Breeding "ALEC WATERS MEMORIAL II"!
Kennel Canossa FCI, was awarded the title: Best place Breeding Group 1 "ALEC WATERS MEMORIAL II"!

I am very proud of the accomplishments of all my dogs:)
Congratulations for of their caregivers !
Photos from shows:


IntCh.BORN TO BE HAPPY Canossa,Club Winner Terrier type Bull 2011.






INA Atillo, The best female Breeding 2011.,-






Our Kennel CANOSSA FCI :)""The best Breeding Group 2011.




The youngest generation of Canossa FCI – DREAMS COME TRUE PROZAK Canossa and DAKOTA SPECIAL FOR YOU Canossa,-
at the age of seven months.

10 September 2011

National Dog Show in Warsaw.
Our dogs have received assessment :
Puppy class, female ,- DAKOTA SPECIAL FOR YOU Canossa, evaluatio VN, place 1st, (owner.Łukasz Polaszek)
Class Champion her older sister, IntCh.BORN TO BE HAPPY Canossa, excellent, place 2nd,
Veteran – INA Atillo, excellent, 1st place, best Veteran in Breed, BIS Veteran III in 26 veterans of the competition!.

20-21 August 2011

Two International Exhibitions in Bratislava, Slovakia.
On these shows for bitch from our kennel:
DAKOTA SPECIAL FOR YOU Canossa,which in puppy class received, evaluation 2x VN (very promising)
second place, and Place 1, Best puppy of breed.

06-07 to August 2011,

In those days there were two national dog shows.
Litter siblings : Dakota and Dante received the following assessments, deposits:
06/08/2011, At the National Show in Legnica,-DAKOTA SPECIAL FOR YOU Canossa,
That received an assessment, Very promising (VN),
place 1st, and the title of Best Puppy in Breed (NSzwR)








7 August 2011,

At the National Show in Zakopane.
In the puppy class DANTE BLUE SEA Canossa,received : very promising (WO), place 1st,
and like his sister, Dakota, received the title: Best Puppy in Breed (NSzwR).






4-5 August 2011

Trip to Serbia-Belgrade for mating females in our Adelaide:)
On 4-5 August,came to be mating: Ch.ADELAJDA BIACCA Canossa x IntCh.MultiCh. ARAMIS EAGLE BLEND ON SHINING FIELD.
Aramis is an excellent representative of the Breed,which has not only the perfect exterior,
which has perfect exterior, but above all it is a typical male-normal psyche, character and temperament of the dog.
Puppies from this litter we expect in the first half of October.

Thank You !
Slađan Anđelović and Nebojsa Stanković (Eagle Blend Kennel) The possibility of using this beautiful Stud dog in my breeding program :).

23-24 July 2011,

Last weekend I was with my dogs at two exhibitions in Slovakia.
On Saturday in Velka Ida, International Exhibition dogs.
and on Sunday Terrier Club Show.
At these exhibitions, the dogs from my kennel received the following assessment:

In the open class: JCh.PL CASSIOPEIA FOR PROZAK Canossa, excellent, 1st place, CAC, CACIB,
Honour Class: IntCh. BORN TO BE HAPPY Canossa, excellent, 1st place,
Veteran Class: INA Atillo, excellent, 1st place, BOB Veteran, BIS Veteran II.


Cassiopeia For Prozak Canossa







IntCh.MultiCh.Born To Be Happy Canossa







Ina Atillo






JCh.PL.CASSIOPEIA FOR PROZAK Canossa, open class, excellent, 1st place, CC
IntCh. BORN TO BE HAPPY Canossa, Champion Class, excellent, 1st place, CC (closed Title: Champion Terrier Club)
INA Atillo, Veterans class, excellent, 1st place, BOB Veteran, BIS Veteran II.



Born & Cassie





Ina Atillo 2xBOB Weteran & 2x BIS Weteran II




10 July 2011,

National dog show in Nowy Targ.
In the baby class: DAKOTA SPECIAL FOR YOU Canossa, is a Very promising (WP),
1st place, and the title of Best Baby in Breed.
In the final competition: "Best in show Baby" place 2nd. (BIS BABY II).


In the champion class, BORN TO BE HAPPY Canossa,
received a rating of excellent, 1st place.and CWC.

In the Veteran class, INA Atillo,
received a rating of excellent, 1st place and Best Veteran in Breed,
In the competition the most beautiful exhibition veteran, was selected for the top six.

7 JULY 2011.

Today we received a Certificate of
Champion International de Beaute , for female BORN TO BE HAPPY Canossa.

3 July 2011.

National Dog Show in Bielsko Biala.
Unfortunately the weather this year was not good, it was raining.
Despite the unfavorable weather Our females presented themselves very well.
BACK TO MY DREAMS Canossa, in open class, got excellent, place 1 / 2 and CAC,
which finished Polish Champion!
Ania and Bartek awfully glad to have completed by Toska Title Ch.PL, Congrats !!

BORN TO BE HAPPY Canossa, present to the Champion class,
received a rating of excellent 1st place CAC and title WINNER

In the veteran class, our female: INA Atillo,

received a rating of excellent, place 1 / 2, and Best Veteran in Breed (NWwR)
A selection of the Best Veteran in Show place III (BIS Veteran III).

26 June 2011.

International dog show in Krakow/Poland.
In the baby class : DANTE BLUE SEA Canossa,
was very promising (WO), V1, and the title of Best Baby in Breed (NBwR).
Heartfelt congratulations to the owner for a very nice presentation of the puppy!


zdjecie autorstwa "Mari"




In the intermediate class: CASSIOPEIA FOR PROZAK Canossa,
which received an excellent, place 2nd.




zdjecie autorstwa "Mari"




In the champion class, I presented my - BORN TO BE HAPPY Canossa, who received a rating of excellent,
3rd place.




zdjecie autorstwa "Mari"




12 June 2011

National Dog Show in Lublin.
excellent, place 1st CWC.BOS.BOB, BOG IV

Congratulations to owner Malgorzata!

10 June 2011

Pictures of puppies from litter "S" by parents: BEAUTIFUL GIRL canossa x FREEDOM FIGHTER od Iwana

We thank the owners of puppies a sent picture:).



SON OF FIGHTER Canossa with his father









15 may 2011r.

BORN TO BE HAPPY Canossa official Grand Champion of Slovakia!

Dzidzia received Dypolm Slovensky Grand Sampion based on requests received in 2010.

14-15 may 2011r.

2 International dog show in Bratislava.
On Saturday, Cassiopeia FOR Prozak Canossa got an excellent place

On Sunday, once again received perfect scores , place 1 / 2

15 maj 2011r.

National Dog Show in Krosno
On this exhibition were presented: BACK TO MY DREAMS Canossa, which
open class was excellent, a place in the competition two females.






The Veterans class for the first time we showed up Atillo INA.
Ina got excellent 1, and the title of Best Veteran of Breed.





On this exhibition after a long break in the exhibitions of the father of Our
"current" litter the letter "S"
FREEDOM FIGHTER of Iwana , Which was excellent, place 1 CWC.


17 April 2011,
17 April 2011,
National Dog Show in Czestochowa.
In the open class, female from our kennel: BACK TO MY DREAMS Canossa, got
excellent, 2nd place / 3rd
Congratulations to the owner for the excellent presentation of female!

5 April 2011,

Puppies were born is a "Surprises" from a combination of:
Puppies are healthy, with strong colors, – red with white markings, fawn
with white.
This time we have a "lucky seven ", the six males and one
female. More information coming soon section: Litters Current.

19-20 March 2011.

Two International Exhibitions in Lithuania in Vilnius.
The first day, the Judge: Dubravka Reicher,
My BORN TO BE HAPPY in the champion class, got excellent,
1st place, CAC,Res. CACIB

Day Two, Sunday
Judge: Mr Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki of Finland.
My female Dzidzi, back in the Champion class, excellent, 1st place, CAC,
CACIB and Winner of Vilnius 2011!

BORN TO BE HAPPY Canossa opened Champion of Lithuania, and closed the
title of International Champion. :)


BORN TO BE HAPPY Canossa CAC,CACIB, Winner of Vilnius




18 March 2011.

At the International Dog Show in Katowice,
CASSIOPEIA FOR PROZAK Canossa in the intermediate class, got an
excellent, 1st place, CWC, CACIB.
Begun Polish Champion titles and International Champion.
Big Congratulations to owner!








8 March 2011.
Available we have two beautiful, healthy puppies after parents: IntCh.
?Antares Ordior x INA Atillo.
Blue fawn with white markings,male show quality : DANTE BLUE SEA Canossa,
and his sister, white with a dot: DALLAS TINY DOT Canossa.
More photos in the "current litters".


19 February 2011.

IV International Dog Show in Rzeszow.
In the open class,C
got an excellent and place III in the competition 7 females!


18 February 2011.

International Dog Show EAST Kosice, Slovakia.
On this show,female from our kennel:
CASSIOPEIA FOR PROZAK Canossa, got excellent, place IV.


11 February 2011.


31 January 2011.
Puppies were born from the combination of pairs: IntCh.ATARES Ordior x
INA Atillo.

This is the last litter of this pair, the former also was born the same
day and month.
Again, we have boasted six puppies, this time there are two males, and
four females.
All healthy, strong, "colorful – twins"
We have two white females, 2 blue fawn puppies: male and female,
and two puppies red with white markings: male and female.


More information in 'Current Litters "



06 January 2011.


We had received results of examination on genetic disease NCL-A for
our female ETNA Atillo with outcome ATAXIA – Clear!
It means that litter
"A" ( ETNA Atillo x IntCh.ANTARES Ordior NCL-A/clear) is genetically free
from this disease. their daughter, Polish Champion ADELAIDA BIACCA
Canossa, and the litter "C" (father: HJCh, HCh, HSCh.Hörcsögfalvi
Locomotive) is also will be free from this disease!





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